Disabled service

Experience Iceland on your own terms

If you are in need of a special equipped vehicles that are able to accommodate travellers in a wheelchair, then Prime Tours have a solution that fits your needs. One of the great benefits of using Prime Tours is that we are flexible and we can custom build most of our tours for you needs. We only offer high quality vehicles with the necessary fastenings for wheelchairs so you can travel safe and comfortable on you tour.

If you have a request for a tour that is not in our list of tours, please just request a quote and we will get back to you. If you have any other questions please just contact us.

Let us make your trip a memorable experience

You are able to customize your own tour so it will fit to your needs. Combine different tours or simply make your own. Everything is possible with Iceland Taxi Tours. All our work is pre-booked to ensure that we provide a prompt and reliable service for our customers.

For more information about doing day tours with a wheelchair, please contact us by filling out the form below.

Disabled chauffeur service