Covid-19 Safety Measures


During these unprecedented times due to Covid-19 the team at Prime Tours has implemented certain safety measures to make sure that our clients are as safe as possible from exposure to the Covid-19 virus. The following precautions have been made to ensure your safe travels:

  1. All drivers / staff wear both a mask and gloves when greeting travelers. Both in tours and transfers.
  2. All travelers are required to wear a mask and use a hand sanitizer before entering our vehicles. This is mandatory.
  3. Hand sanitizer, gloves and masks are available to our travelers and they can be found at the front of the vehicle or supplied by your driver / driver-guide.
  4. Prime Tours will always try to send a larger vehicle for our groups to try to maintain social distancing between both staff and travelers.
  5. Travelers are encouraged to maintain social distancing between themselves as well as between the driver / driver-guide.
  6. All of Prime Tours’ vehicles are thoroughly cleaned from head to toe after each tour or transfer with disinfectants.
  7. The front row seat next to the driver is left empty in all tours or transfers in order to maintain social distancing between the driver and the travelers.
  8. All Prime Tours staff is monitored daily for any symptoms that might be connected to Covid-19. If staff shows the slightest symptoms or describe the feeling of being ill / sick then that staff will be off duty until they are well and have been tested for Covid-19. 
  9. Prime Tours’ administrative staff and response team monitor Covid-19 news closely on a daily basis.